2D Environment Design

2D Environment design of the Brann city zone from our hand-painted RPG Grimshade.
All pieces of the environment were created by Talerock team.
Art Director: Varvara Lyubovnaya
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/858100

Talerock studio engineer house location

Engineer's House — in-game screenshot

Talerock studio engineer s house elements of technology

Engineer's House concept

Talerock studio reunion square location

Reunion Square — in-game screenshot

Talerock studio dragon tick outside concept

Dragon Tick concept

Talerock studio fragrant wind outside concept

Spicy Wind tavern concept

Talerock studio irina pevneva 7 dragon tick props 2

Dragon Tick Interior — in-game screenshot

Talerock studio irina pevneva 6 dragon tick props

Dragon Tick Interior details